A Brief History of Apple

Apple is a technology company that manufactures Macintosh computers and iPads. It also offers media, subscription services, and personal file storage.

Although Apple was originally founded by Steve Wozniak, its reputation as a leader in the consumer electronics industry is a result of a combination of innovative product designs, an emphasis on user experience, and a strong corporate culture. Over the past four decades, Apple has produced some of the most beloved products in the technology industry.

Aside from the iPhone, Apple’s products include the Apple Watch and HomePod, a smart speaker. The company has also introduced subscription services like Apple TV+ and iCloud.

Apple’s history has been characterized by innovation, including the development of the Macintosh computer. This machine was the first personal computer to achieve significant commercial success. However, the Mac’s operating system was a bit old, and it didn’t support multitasking.

In the late 1980s, the company had a strong foothold in the education and creative markets. However, it began to lose ground to the Microsoft Windows-based PCs of the time.

Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997, and helped it survive a crisis. In 2010, Jobs introduced the iPad. He also died of pancreatic cancer in 2011. Since his death, Tim Cook has served as CEO.

During Jobs’s tenure, Apple was divided into business units. Each unit had its own P&L responsibilities. As Apple began to expand, the organization became more complex.

Rank-and-file employees have limited autonomy. Most decisions are made by sales executives and senior designers.